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Car motor oils are important lubricants. While this fact is clearer to men, some drivers do not give it attention. As matter of fact, you need to change your car motor oil in every 3000 miles covered. However, remember, you may find yourself in disarray regarding the right choice when the time is ripe for change. Well, this article will review some of the best car motor oils you can always go for.

The Best Car Motor Oils


When determining how well a vehicle oil will perform, a ‘Thin Oxygen Uptake’ test is often taken. This is done mainly to test the ability to resist heat and the breakdown of oxygen. Well, Amsoil is a perfect choice in this regard. The fact that it lasts longer gives it a competitive advantage. In addition, the product retains the liquid state even when the temperature is extremely low up to -58 degree. The product has been the topmost performer in many tests conducted to determine the right brand, even outperforming the brands with huge market shares.

The Royal Purple

The best oil brands should withstand evaporation. They don’t have to easily thicken to guarantee a superior protection. In this regard, Royal Purple put the accent on its worth as the best motor oil with the ability to elevate the horsepower of an automobile by now performing optimally. In addition, it significantly lessens releases and better the present state of metal surfaces. The brand has been tested and meets all the requirements of the regulatory authorities.


Pennzoil will efficiently protect your car engine. For instance, Pennzoil Motor oil was found to keep a piston of an auto 40% cleaner than the required level in the industry.

The Lies You Should Firmly Reject

There are baseless assertions you need to avoid in order to protect your auto. The remaining section of this article will bring them to your attention.

Car motor oil

1. Changing your oil after every 3,000 miles is insignificant.

For so long it has been recommended by the manufacturers that you replace the oil after covering this distance. Well, the reason is that covering more distance beyond 3,000 miles will lead to the formation of sludge in the engine. As a result, the car is damaged and the chances of causing accidents increases. Avoid falling into this trap.

2. You only need to change your oil after it turns dark.

Out of ignorance, many people think the oil turns black after absorbing dirt and therefore sludge will form and damage the engine parts. Well, remember the function of oil is to lubricate as well as protecting the metallic engine parts. Its color does not affect how it functions in any way. The time to change the oil is determined by the manufactures and not its color. In fact, there is no any correlation between the color and the effectiveness of the oil.

3. Synthetic Engine oils can prompt leakages in the engine

It is true that initially synthetic oils did not get along well with car engines but it is not true that they cause leakages. The only to attribute leakages to synthetic oils is when applied to very old motors.
In conclusion, there are many brands of oil in the petroleum industry. Each of them serves the same purposes as lubrication and protection but with different abilities. This article has reviewed the best three brands you can always go for and get the worth of your dollar.

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