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Stained car interiors? Better safe than sorry

Rubber car mats can be the perfect solution for all weather conditions

Underestimated, mistreated, snubbed but necessary. We’re talking about the never enough honored rubber car mats. And what makes most users turn up their noses is just this last word: rubber. A material that can actually pass as a poor and not very elegant but we can assure you, it really has more merits than defects. Let’s see together which ones.

Rubber car mats protect your car from stains

Even the neatest people can’t help but bring stones, leaves and other debris into their car with their shoes on, and while it seems easy to remove this mess, over time, it can actually cause stains to your car’s interior. It’s also easy to get stains from food, drinks and other spills that, if not removed properly. can ruin the appearance of your car’s interior and leave an unpleasant smell.

Rubber car mats protect your car from stains
Rubber car mats are easy to clean

There is a simple solution for this, having easy to clean rubber car mats to protect the interior from such stains. These mats can be easily removed, cleaned and vacuumed to ensure that your car’s interior is always looking its best. Can you do this with carpeted floor mats? Definitely yes but not as easily.

Using rubber car mats helps keep your car protected and preserve its value

You might not think that small stains on your car can affect its value, but buyers can be very picky and expect to get a lot more quality than they are paying for. If they notice a stain in the footwell or on the seats, they may not want to proceed with the purchase or try to lower the price.

Having rubber car mats can keep you from unnecessarily losing car value, and they are definitely worth having, especially for the low price you can purchase them for!

Rubber or carpeted car mats?

You’ve decided to put floor mats in your car to protect the original carpet, and you find yourself choosing between carpet or rubber mats. How do you know if rubber car mats are the right choice for you? Here are some benefits that can help you make a decision and choose the mats that will best meet your unique lifestyle needs.

Carpeted car mats
Carpeted car mats require more upkeep

The first thing you’ll find in a set of rubber car mats is an indication of the lifespan of these products. The rubber they are made from is a thick, durable rubber that will last for years. It will provide you with the protection you need to keep your original mats clean at all times, even when you get into your car with muddy boots or wet shoes.

Rubber car mats can’t absorb liquids or allow dirt to penetrate deep into the fibers, which means they trap the dirt and moisture you bring in with your shoes and boots. In contrast, carpeted car mats allow dirt to settle and be more difficult to remove later. 

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Rubber car mats and the importance of the material used

You’ll find that rubber is the easiest solution to keeping your car floors clean. Just remove the mat and you can spray or rinse it with soapy water, to let them dry and simply go back to your car. This makes rubber floor mats ideal for people who live in very wet or cold climates where they frequently get into their car with wet or snowy boots, or for people who work on a farm or do a lot of outdoor activity. Rubber car mats can be the perfect solution for all weather conditions, whether you live in a hot or cold climate. 

Rubber mats Gledring for Ford Mondeo

These mats are high quality mats and are made using the best rubber, which is also recyclable (which just adds another plus point for this option). The quality will vary depending on the manufacturer you use and their quality policy, which is why you should do some research and choose rubber car mats that have the quality you deserve.

Cheap, easy to place, even easier to clean and dispose of, with a long lifespan and, not least, universal in case you have no aesthetic preferences and, customizable otherwise. Ready to choose your rubber car mats?