How to properly use car roof racks

Travelling with a car roof rack can be a great experience if you need to pack that extra equipment on the car. You can take your bicycle, surf board, skateboard, and many other sporting devices. Of course, you can just pack extra luggage or anything else that might not fit in the car or the trunk of the car. There are many types of car roof racks available for different types of vehicles and loads, and they fit most vehicles of different sizes and shapes.

Keep up to date

We might try to speed ahead and just install our car roof racks ourselves. The answer is: take your time and read the manual. Although, it is true that you can install it just by eyeballing it, it is a much better idea to read the provided instructions. It is actually much easier to install your new car roof rack if you check out the manual first. If you feel like you are not up to the task, you can ask your local car service provider. They most likely have tons of experience installing car roof racks.

Take care of the prerequisites

While we may feel enticed to just install our car roof rack as soon as we get it, there are a few prerequisites that need our attention. First, we need to clean the car so no debris get in the way of the installation of the racks themselves. Second, we probably need to use lubricant to make mounting the car roof racks more easy. Don’t forget that the racks will be exposed to the elements of nature, so greasing up the bolts and nuts will go a long way in preserving your new car roof rack.

Watch the weight

Just like any piece of technology, car roof racks have their limitations. The most important is the weight limitation (how much you can load on the racks itself). You definitely don’t want to overload your roof rack because it can bend and even damage the roof itself. The weight limit of the roof is important too, because the roof rack takes a bit of the weight and the load on top can add quite a lot. Be careful and do the math so you and everyone else stays safe on the road.

Load it properly

It’s not uncommon to damage the items you are trying to load if you do it incorrectly. If you can’t handle it yourself, you can always ask for help. Also, make sure that your load is properly secured as you don’t want to endanger anyone on the road. Usually the cargo has to be secured at several spots at the same time. If you are carrying a canoe, kayak or any kind of boat, it is imperative to know that at high speeds these loads will generate a ton of lift force. The lift force itself can seriously damage your cargo and your car roof racks if you don’t secure it down properly.

If it’s to difficult to load the roof rack yourself, try and ask for help. You can get seriously hurt if you attempt to force load your stuff onto you roof rack.

Drive carefully

When carrying loads of any kind on your car roof racks, it’s important to drive carefully. Take it easy and read the manual for the maximum recommended speed limit when equipped with a loaded roof rack. As you drive down the highway with a loaded car roof rack, it will create a drag-like wind effect that will slow you down and put pressure on the rack itself. Driving too fast or careless can damage your load and your roof rack, and in some cases, it can rip it off the car.

It’s about the height

One of the most common accidents with roof racks happens when we don’t watch the height. This is how we can try and park our car only to have our roof rack bang against the door of the garage. Such accidents can seriously damage our car and car roof racks aren’t designed to take such hits. Make sure to measure the height of your loaded roof rack before hitting the road and you should be fine. Be sure to remember that the taller your vehicle basis is, the taller your overall height will be with a loaded car roof rack.

The conclusion

Car roof rack is one of the best ways to carry a huge load, but you have to know what you are doing. A good point to start is reading the manual. Car roof racks require a bit of know-how to set up right and all that extra info in the manual can’t hurt. Be sure to mount it correctly, and if you think you can’t do it, ask a friend or a service man for help. The weight and height are of extreme importance when driving around with your car roof rack.

Car roof racks have to be used with safety in mind. Don’t overload you rack and make sure to be aware of its max height at all times. You don’t want to rip of you roof in the middle of your hard-earned vacation. Installing it with care and patience is very important. If you are not up to the task, consult a friend or anybody with the know-how to make it work. The same goes for loading it up properly. Securing the cargo in a right way will keep you and everyone around you at peace of mind.

If you are thinking about buying car roof racks make sure they suit your needs. Keep in mind what you are trying to carry on your roof and consult a professional that will help you in choosing the right rack for you. All things considered, you are ready for you vacation or trip with your cargo safely stored on your roof. Driver carefully, drive safe and make sure to ready the instructions, and everything will be ok.

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