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Hagus Mirror – Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Car

Steps to Choose the Right Hagus Mirror

If you are looking for an upgrade of your car’s mirror, you can never go wrong with Hagus mirror. However, if you are still in the stage of selecting the best mirror for your car, read below.

Steps to Choose the Right Hagus Mirror

Determine the Model, Year, and Make of Your Vehicle

You should pay attention well if your vehicle is a special edition. This may include Sport Edition or LE Model. In addition to that, there might be differences between 4-door and 2-door models and convertibles.

Determine How Your Mirror is Adjusted

There are different kinds of mirrors suited for vehicles. Manual mirrors need the mirror to be adjusted from outside of the vehicle. Either the mirror head or the glass is adjusted to the desired position by hand. On the other hand, manual remote mirrors are actually adjusted from the vehicle’s inside with a cable or level.

Hagus mirrors are manufactured in Germany
Hagus bietet alles , was von einem Spiegel gefordert wird

Usually, the adjustment point is located in the door panel or inside the window. Another kind of mirror is power mirrors. These have electrical connection and features a control mechanism situated in the door panel of the driver in center console. There are lots of options when it comes to power mirrors. Selecting the right options for your vehicle is crucial to get the right kind of mirror.

Choose the Finish and Location of Your Mirror

When replacing a mirror, you have to choose whether it’s the side of the driver or on the side of the passenger. In addition to that, decide if you like the finish of your mirror to be textured black, smooth black, stainless steel or chrome.

Why Choose Hagus Mirror?

Hagus mirrors are manufactured in Germany from the company that also supplies the original equipment market. This is the reason why Hagus mirrors feature connectors and wiring to properly interface with factory wiring in your car. Every mirror comes with electric defrost glass and motor just like the original mirror you have.

The story behind the success of Hagus is that all of their mirrors go beyond appearance. They have safety features. The outer third of mirror glass is bent aspherically, providing that mirror’s portion a convex contour. It reflects greater area. Hagus mirror provides more visibility for drivers, which add an extra level of safety while on the road. This feature is beneficial when changing lanes on the interstate or autobahn. That is why Hagus mirror is the real mirror for drivers.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Hagus Mirror Online

When buying a Hagus mirror online, you have to take for consideration of some factors. One of these is to choose the most reliable supplier. If possible, it’s best to buy at its official website compared to other stores. However, if you have found a reliable online store, it will not be a problem since you can guarantee that their items are of high quality. Aside from that, always keep your needs in mind when buying a Hagus mirror to avoid any possible problems.

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