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Should You Switch to H7 LED Car Headlight Bulbs?

H7 LED car headlight bulbs have an edge over halogen

Headlights are among the essentials you never really pay attention to until they start to fade or are gone for good. Once the road before you becomes unclear, you’ll know that you made the wrong move of taking your headlights for granted. If you think your headlights need replacement, H7 LED car headlight bulbs could be your best option.

Importance of Replacing Your Headlights

There is one obvious fact – burned out or dimming headlight bulbs only mean that you won’t be able to see the road and at the same time, you won’t be seen by other drivers as well. This is the perfect recipe of trouble and danger.

H7 LED Car Headlight Bulbs improve road visibility
H7 LED Car Headlight Bulbs dimensions

Not getting your headlights fixed may also mean an expensive ticket from the local authorities. With all the different choices available right now for improved road visibility, including H7 LED car headlight bulbs, there is simply no reason for you not to change your old headlights. Why will you tolerate uneven, inadequate, and yellow lighting when better options are accessible, right?

When is the Best Time to Swap Your Headlights?

The general rule of thumb is that if one bulb is fading or gone, it won’t be long before the other does, too. That is why it is important to replace the two bulbs all at once. For most vehicles today, one bulb serves for low and high beams at the same time.

However, for older models, two separate bulbs were used on the two sides. You can replace all four bulbs or both bulbs simultaneously to achieve a consistent vision field down the road. Check your owner’s manual to know your vehicle’s specific needs.

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Types of Headlights Available in the Market

Cars come standard with a particular kind of headlight. The most common types included Xenon or HID, halogen, and LED. Majority of vehicles are equipped with halogen headlights. Below is a quick overview of their differences:

  • Xenon or HID – Xenon or HID or high intensity discharge headlights make use of gas instead of a heated filament. Xenon lights have lower operating temperature, last longer, and are brighter. However, you need to spend more to get them replaced with new ones as these are pricier than other headlights, not to mention that a professional installation is required. 
  • Halogen headlights – These headlights make use of tungsten-halogen filament combined with halogen gas to produce light brighter than traditional headlights. 
  • LED – Light Emitting Diodes or LED like H7 LED car headlight bulbs have an edge over halogen because they draw lesser power for operation. They also run cooler compared to halogen headlights and tend to last much longer. They may initially cost you more but you can expect these headlights to pay for themselves in the long run. 

It is highly recommended to replace your headlights on a regular basis, particularly because the newer headlight technology, like that used in LED bulbs such as H7 LED car headlight bulbs, can shine more light both off to the sides and down the road. It will give you enough time to react to any potential hazards.

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