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LED Car Lights: Illuminating the Road Ahead.

Practically since they came out on the market, LED Car Lights have become a staple addition to Cars everywhere relegating halogen headlights to second place. This “Transition” isn’t just about fashion is simple technological evolution, there are actual technical advantages of adding Led headlights to your car. Especially for those who tend to hit the road late at night and have to navigate through really low-light places.

All the benefits derived from LED Car Lights come from their first and foremost feature, Higher Illumination, they can actually light up a dark road 25% more effectively than Halogen headlights.

Another impressive feature regarding LED Car Lights is that even though you have them on a low setting you can still enjoy of all the benefits as it will continue to illuminate better than Halogen lights, as a matter of fact, it has been proven by studies conducted by The American Automobile Association (or AAA) that the Low Setting in a Led Headlight is actually much stronger than the High Setting on a Halogen Light.


Now, despite being an incredible technological advancement in the field of Car Headlights they are a bit far from perfection and maybe with time things will improve even further. The issues we refer to as pretty much the same ones all Car Headlights Halogen or otherwise have to struggle with,  they are susceptible to wear and tear and are unable to lit the way to unlimited distances.

H7 LED Car Headlight Bulbs as mention above have a 25% illumination advantage over their Halogen counterparts, however, they are still unable to fully and properly illuminate the Road while traveling at Highway Speeds.

Now, the LED Highlights industry hasn’t been standing idle in face of this issue, and have come up with High-density Beams that even though doesn’t solve the problem entirely, it does offer a much better perspective from the Road. A good advice from the folks over at AAA is that if you are traveling in a dark road and you don’t see any incoming traffic, you should use the High-Density Beams of your LED Car Lights to have a better view.


If you have always had Halogen Headlights, making the transition to LED will immediately show you the difference, your World will light up in ways you didn’t expect.

The other issue we mention was the traditional wear and tear all kinds of Headlights go through, and LED Car Lights are no exception if you start noticing that the Beams aren’t as focused as they used to be and your light up World starts to darken, then, do not waste any time, you need to get them replaced even they are still working, especially if you tend to drive at night on dark roads or highways.

The headlamps have to be taken care of on a regular basis, and they should be sprayed with a UV protectant as well. Car Safety isn’t something to trifle with. LED Car Lights may be a good technological advancement but if you don’t take proper care, it could be dangerous.

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